Friday, April 9, 2010

My Father

'To reduce things to line I think is really one of the hardest things.I never talk when I'm drawing person,specially if I'm making line drawings.I prefer there to be no noise at all so I can concentrate more.You can't make a line too slowly,you have to go at a certain speed;so the concentration needed is quite strong.if you make two or three line drawings,it's very tiring in the head,because you have to do it all at one go,something you've no need to do with pencil drawings;that doesn't have to be done in on go;you can stop you can rub out.with line drawings,you don't want to do can't rub out line,musn't do's exciting doing it,and I think it's harder than anythings else;so when thay succeed?thay're much better drawings.'
David Hockney
Travels with Pen,Pencil and Ink