Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I deside to start to draw from some old and famous painting and drawing but with new looking to them,I think it helps me to learn diffrent things I'd like to show them to you.


  1. وای! چقدر عجیبه!!
    حالا خانمه یا آقا؟ البته زنانگی اثر بیشتر از مردانگیشه

  2. it's interesting to think of the hair sticks as hazardous weapons that go through women's body. it makes me think of the bondage our society gives to women (hair sticks and the hair style women need to have in order to be a woman in the old Japanese society, it's kind of a trouble to put those so many sticks on the head). and also we wont realize things are problematic, but only if we change it into another situation.